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Dingwall Whisky Distillery Trust

Dingwall Whisky Distillery Trust was established in 2021 by the founder of GlenWyvis Distillery, John F McKenzie, to put measures in place for the long term management of the land on which the distillery sits.

Read about the history and development of GlenWyvis Distillery.

Farm Sale

Scroggie Farm For Sale

Scroggie Farm, the land on which GlenWyvis Distillery sits, is for sale. This is a unique opportunity to purchase 30 acres of prime farmland and become a landlord.

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Future Plans

Celebrating whisky history through the land

Although GlenWyvis Distillery was established in 2015, the roots of distilling in the Dingwall area go back to 1690. And in that time, through trials and tribulations, to adventures and risk, the many fascinating stories that paint the evolving picture of how whisky has become ingrained in local history, are now part of folklore. As landowners for the GlenWyvis Distillery we have exciting plans to celebrate this whisky history.

At present, due to planning restrictions and road safety concerns, the distillery is not open to visitors (although virtual tours are available) so we're introducing a Ramblers Path and Wild Camping to let whisky enthusiasts and locals celebrate. We ask both members of the public and distillery not to attempt to access the land (Scroggie Farm land) through the entrance due to these restrictions.

Ramblers Path

For selected dates throughout the year, the Dingwall Whisky Distillery Trust will encourage visitors to immerse themselves in the local whisky heritage by way of a guided walk.

Along the route, walkers can learn about local whisky folklore while taking in the breathtaking natural environment of fauna and flora (including badgers, pine martens, foxes, deer, red kites, buzzards, pheasants, partridge and farm animals).

Designed by landscape architects Horner + Maclennan, the path will open later this year (days for 2022 to be announced in June).

Unfortunately, as Scroggie Farm is a working farm, with large animals (cattle, bulls, Highland cows) dogs are not permitted at any time.

Wild Camping

Providing another way to celebrate the local landscape and encourage visitors to become one with nature we will be permitting wild camping on the land from 2023.

Please make sure you're familiar with the Wild Camping Code. In summary:

  • Leave no trace (i.e. no litter and no fires)
  • Keep group numbers small
  • Stay one night only
  • Be quiet

As with the ramblers path, dogs will not be permitted at any time.

cute sheep

Road Safety

Visiting the distillery

Please do not attempt to visit the distillery on the farm, the approach road is very steep and the junction from the 60mph road is substandard, including a blind summit. Planning conditions exists on no visitors to site.

The distillery can be viewed from various points within Dingwall where its whisky and gin can be purchased whilst visiting the town.

Unfortunately the distillery have removed their 'no visitors' status from Google Maps, which many people use to navigate by road. Vehicles attempting to visit have subsequently been recorded reversing onto the 60mph public road and onto the wrong side of the road. This is dangerous.

Despite repeated offers to discuss various options for original investors to visit through a safe route and at a pre arranged time GlenWyvis Distillery have refused to engage in any dialogue on such matters.

three road incidents
Serious incidents have occured

If you have been inadvertently advised to visit please complete the enquiries form below so we can make contact and uphold road safety.

Police Scotland have been assisting and CCTV covers the farm entrance. The video below demonstrates how serious the issue has become, the vehicle below reverses onto the public road in winter conditions shortly before two quad bikers passed.

Rural roads require additional care and attention. Our insurers have published an article to highlight this: Rural Road Safety

Together We Can Make Countryside Roads Safer

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